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Barbados still committed to green economy

Barbados has reaffirmed its commitment to move to a green economy and has set itself some targets towards achieving that goal. This assurance was given by Prime Minister Freundel Stuart to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon during bilateral talks as the landmark Rio+20 Sustainable Development Conference came to a close in Brazil on Friday. Barbados has taken a lead position among small island developing states (SIDS) in the move to a sustainable economy. During the three-day summit themed The Future We Want, Barbados was invited to co-chair two events, and was one of the principal contributors at other special events that focused on the work of the global sustainability panel, the

Solar Energy in Barbados

Barbados’ overreliance on imported fossil fuels has become one of the island’s major environmental concerns. The Barbadian government’s National Strategic Plan of Barbados for 2006-25 is designed to rectify this dependency by increasing the country’s renewable energy supply, with a particular focus on raising the number of household solar water heaters by 50 per cent by 2025. Solar water heaters are now a widely used renewable energy technology in Barbados, with installations in nearly half of the island’s dwelling units.

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