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What We Do


My decision to pursue the career path of a Development Economist has been a fortunate blend of circumstance, personal development, and a desire to distinguish myself, and my country. I believe that such a qualification will be a significant feature in my thrust to become a recognized leader in the field. It is my desire, given my interface with both natural and social sciences, to be a proponent of the notion that there should be no clash between economy and ecology.


As a student at the University of the West Indies: Cave Hill Campus, I was particularly interested in International Trade Policy, Industrial Economics, Economic Development and Public Finance. My enthusiasm for the different aspects of economics both in and out of the classroom was noticed and carefully nurtured by many of my former lecturers, some of whom I am privileged to work with on a regular basis and regard as mentors and friends. 


Amidst an uncertain job environment, I created and maintained contacts with Green Economy Technical Steering committee members, various international organizations and various departments at UWI-Cave Hill Campus – particularly the Department of Economics and the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES). As a result of my efforts, I was able to secure Research Assistant/Associate posts on projects commissioned by the United Nations System, the Inter-American Development Bank, The Caribbean Development Bank and the World Bank Group.


Projects of special mention include:

  • The Barbados Green Economy Scoping Study;

  • The Latin American and Caribbean Initiative on Sustainable Development (ILAC Indicators Project);

  • The Compete Caribbean Private Sector Development Strategies for the Eastern Caribbean States (RG-T1767) (Project Countries: OECS Region);

  • The Barbados National Report for the UN HABITAT III Project;

  • The World Bank Group Strengthening Labour Market Monitoring and Performance in the Caribbean project (P144470) (Caribbean Region);

  • The DFID Caribbean’s Essential Data on the Development Status of the Caribbean project;

  • The IDB’s Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction Module for the Public Expenditure Review in Barbados; 

  • The 2019 Edition of the Commonwealth Secretariat's Economic Development Report;

  • The UNCTAD's Evidence-Based and Policy coherent Oceans Economy and Trade Strategies (OETS Project) (Project Country: Barbados);

  • The UNCTAD's Enhancing Economic Resilience for Future Shocks through Green Services and Renewable Energy Project (Project Country: Barbados);

  • The UNFCCC's Need Based Finance (NBF) Project (Caribbean Region); and

  • The UNDRR Mid-Term Review of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (2015-2030) (Project Country: Barbados)


These projects have strong developmental core contexts and I regard these projects as my most outstanding achievements to date, given the importance of these studies, nationally, regionally and globally. 


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